Case Study

Chappell Digital’s goal was to increase return on ad spend for Mindy Lam. This was made possible by scaling results and using promoting tailored ad creatives with branded content.


increase in overall account revenue


lift in ad account revenue


increase in ad spend

Their Story

A classic collection

Designing for over 18 years, Mindy Lam was a huge favorite at Henri Bendel in New York City for almost 10 years. She has been featured in the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Elle, Brides Magazine, Glamour, People, Life & Style, L'Officiel, Vogue Italia and many more. Lam is a Chinese-American jewelry artist that weaves various metals into her signature metal lace with crystals, semi-precious stones, and other precious metals.

The Goal

Achieve a 9x ROAS

Mindy Lam joined achieving a 3x ROAS and Chappell Digital Marketing had an ambitious goal to achieve a 9x+ ROAS within 2 months.

The Solution

Finding the right audience

The Mindy Lam team worked with Chappell Digital to create eye-catching content for there ads.  The campaign audiences consisted of men and women in the United States that were aged eighteen and over who were high value individuals specifically aimed towards those interested in jewelry.

The team also found that by targeting high value interests outside of jewelry such as Opera, Ballet, Philanthropy, etc,. We were able to drive an incredible ROAS upwards of 13x.

The audiences were composed of Detailed Targeting, Lookalike, and Retargeting testing. The Chappell Digital Marketing team also used automatic placements, which allowed the Facebook algorithm to deliver the ads across all platform placements.

By doing so, the ads were delivered to the placements that drove the best results at the lowest cost.  The Chappell Digital Marketing team was able to increase results for Mindy Lam from August 2021 to October 2021 through implementing our new strategies. The following data displays that growth:

The Result

Handcrafted signature results

At first, Mindy Lam put a strong emphasis on its necklaces and earrings leading to an increase in website traffic and purchases, but the team wanted to focus on Mindy Lam’s brooch collection to raise the average order value and return on ad spend.

   ⦿   107% increase in overall impressions
   ⦿   228% increase in purchase conversions
   ⦿   151% lower CPC with updated audiences

Services Used

Photo Ads

Grabbing Attention With Scroll Stopping Photo Ads

Automatic Placements

Finding Customers On Every Platform

Pixel/Data Collection

Accurately Attributing Data Using The Pixel & CAPI

Advanced Match Tracking

Attaining All Key Customer Data Points

Video Ads

Telling An Engaging Story With Video

“l appreciate the extra work and time they always put into the campaigns. It means so much to us. The team always let's us know what budget changes and recommendations they believe would be best for the account. We always look forward to seeing the results that come from the campaigns!"

Kai Lam
Head of Sales, Mindy Lam
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