Case Study

With precise targeting and regularly updating creative elements, we were able to achieve a significant increase in conversion rates for Oak & Eden, with an increase in conversions of 470%.


increase in return on ad spend


increase in total conversion


increase in click through rate

Their Story

A first of it's kind

Oak & Eden was born from the wildest dreams of innovation. They believe that being a creator is where the real power lies, and that everyone has a little bit of that spark inside of them. So they created the revolutionary technique called in-bottle finishing™, and it's become the heart and soul of their brand. It's been a total game-changer in the alcohol industry and working with Oak & Eden has been a blast, they're one of the most exciting and fast-growing alcohol companies out there!

The Goal

Top growing whiskey brand

Chappell Digital Marketing crafted a strategic plan to improve website traffic and increase online purchase conversion rates.

The Solution

An innovative strategy

Given Oak & Eden's unique position as one of the few brands able to sell and ship directly to customers via its website, we developed a strategic approach utilizing Facebook advertising to drive sales. This strategy included utilizing branded content featuring celebrity endorsements and targeted video advertisements that showcased the unique in-bottle finishing process of Oak & Eden. Through careful engagement building, we aimed to generate curiosity and interest among potential customers.

In addition to our primary objective of increasing sales for Oak & Eden, we also implemented a comprehensive strategy to enhance brand awareness. This strategy drove traffic to the brand's website, resulting in over 100,000 unique visitors. Additionally, we directed these visitors to the store locator page, enabling them to easily find a physical location to purchase the product. This not only increased foot traffic to physical locations but also helped to cultivate a sizable and dedicated customer base over the preceding months. Our efforts have led to a significant increase in brand recognition and customer loyalty which we believe will have a positive impact on the sales figures in the long term.

The Result

Inspired campaigns

By utilizing direct product images and video ads highlighting the unique crafting process, we effectively targeted high-intent traffic, resulting in increased online sales.

   ⦿   382% increase in link click
   ⦿   261% increase in overall impressions
   ⦿   227% increase in total revenue

Services Used

Photo Ads

Grabbing Attention With Scroll Stopping Photo Ads

Automatic Placements

Finding Customers On Each Platoform

Pixel/Data Collection

Accurately Attributing Data Using The Pixel & CAPI

Advanced Match Tracking

Attaining All Key Customer Data Points

Video Ads

Telling An Engaging Story With Video

“Chappell Digital Marketing team has been a pleasure to work with. They developed a comprehensive strategy and provided excellent support throughout the process. Highly recommended!”

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