Case Study

Power Crunch wanted to take their e-commerce sales to the next level by expanding their social efforts beyond traditional brand awareness campaigns.


return on ad spend increase


increase in ad spend


lift in account revenue

Their Story

It's crunch time

Historically, Power Crunch had only focused on supporting their major retailers (Walmart, Target, and Amazon) and had not yet strategically implemented paid ads for their ecommerce website. After introducing a conversion campaign for the first time, the overall results including ROAS, total purchases, purchase conversion value, etc. drastically improved.

The Goal

Create high converting ad creatives

Power Crunch wanted to focus on driving sales for their brand through higher converting ad creatives.

The Solution

Consistent creative refresh

Chappell Digital Marketing not only developed the actual ad creatives for Power Crunch,  we also crafted the ad copy while fully managing all campaigns in the ad account to ensure efficiency and success for the brand.

With Power Crunch’s goal of driving more sales, our agency launched the first ever conversion campaign for their brand to drive more conversions on their ecommerce website. Chappell Digital Marketing focused specifically on creating higher converting ad creatives.

We were able to design creatives that followed the recommended practices for consumer packaged goods. Our agency then launched ads which included branded content, product-centered creatives, as well as including the actual offer in the creative. This newly developed ad creative style was then introduced into the Power Crunch ad account. The new ads provided a captivating brand feel by having more consistent elements which allowed the entire ad account to appear more cohesive and overall more attractive to both prospective and current customers.

The Result

Layers of improvement

After launching, the newly developed ads achieved immediate success. Results have since continued to increase month over month across the account!

   ⦿   151% increase in purchase conversions
   ⦿   61% increase in overall impressions
   ⦿   32% lower CPC with updated creatives

Services Used

Photo Ads

Grabbing Attention With Scroll Stopping Photo Ads

Automatic Placements

Finding Customers On Every Platform

Pixel/Data Collection

Accurately Attributing Data Using The Pixel & CAPI

Advanced Match Tracking

Attaining All Key Customer Data Points

Video Ads

Telling An Engaging Story With Video

“They are so great to work with and have always found new and innovative strategies when creating our campaigns. They gave us a completely new, fresh perspective on creatives and how are brand is represented on digital platforms. Our sales have continued to increase month over month. The Chappell Digital Marketing team has been very transparent and thorough when explaining what they are doing in the ad accounts.”

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