Case Study

This unique Whisky Glass Candle store wanted to increase its repeat customer purchase rate through the use of dynamic catalog ads—and through fragmented customer lists were able to increase conversions rate 3x from previous months.


lift in returning customer rate


decrease in cost per click


increase in overall monthly revenue

Their Story

A glass to remember

Founded in 2015 by Steve Soderholm, RANGER STATION was the first to create a reusable candle that doubles as a cocktail glass. Each candle is paired with a unique cocktail recipe, tailored to its individual scent-designed to be both reusable and collectable. RANGER STATION is a team creating high-end fragrances that help to create experiences and memories. Using only ingredients that are both safe for the customer and for the environment.

The Goal

Identifying high-value repeat purchasers

Ranger Station wanted to increase retargeting performance by catering to their most loyal customers at the most cost-effective rate possible.

The Solution

Improving sales with dynamic catalog ads

Ranger Station provided the creative for the prospecting photo ads promoting multiple products. Chappell Digital Team used the conversion objective, and implemented our proprietary audience structure finding customers in the United States. As these customers purchased, they were immediately synced into a Custom Audience which included the value of their purchase. The team also allocated a specific budget for anyone visiting particular pages on the Ranger Station website, using the Facebook pixel and Conversion API.

The team used multiple tools and features to assist Ranger Station in optimizing their overall campaign performance. Using tailored placement structures helped prioritize the placements that resulted in the lowest cost per conversion across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

The Result

Glass half full

Dynamic catalog ads successfully increased returning customer rate and provided the company with a language which resonated best with their customer.

   ⦿   75% increase in ROAS across all campaigns
   ⦿   45% increase in overall revenue
   ⦿   57% lower CPC with dynamic catalog ads

Services Used

Photo Ads

Grabbing Attention With Scroll Stopping Photo Ads

Automatic Placements

Finding Customers On Each Platoform

Pixel/Data Collection

Accurately Attributing Data Using The Pixel & CAPI

Advanced Match Tracking

Attaining All Key Customer Data Points

Video Ads

Telling An Engaging Story With Video

“In 2021, we sought to scale revenue at Ranger Station. With Facebook Ads, we’ve been able to reach a range of new audiences by quickly launching, testing and scaling ads including dynamic catalog ads, mobile-first video and “scent-forward” image creatives. This has allowed us to consistently acquire new customers, deepen our relationship with existing customers, increase brand awareness and drive sales.”

Derrik Minyard
Dirrector of Marketing, Ranger Station
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