Case Study

This hangover recovery brand was looking to take over a large market share by creating the best product in the market—and working with Chappell Digital were able to scale ad spend and ROAS rapidly.


increase in monthly ad spend


decrease in cost per purchase


increase in monthly revenue

Their Story

Holding on to hydration

Waterboy was founded in 2021 by Mike, Connor & Bri with the goal of creating a hangover recovery formula with more electrolytes and 0 sugar. Paired with their enthusiastic personalities they were able to attract a lot of attention quickly on social media. With this came a lot of traffic to their website and many potential customers who did not convert on the first visit. Chappell Digital was looking to take advantage of this traffic and implemented our proprietary retargeting strategy to find and convert these prospects.

The Goal

Becoming the largest in the space

Waterboy wanted to continuously scale at a highly profitable rate while converting prospects that were brought to their site from organic posts.

The Solution

Expanding and retargeting

With the massive amount of traffic driven to the website there were hundreds of thousands of prospects that did not convert on the first visit. Waterboy came to Chappell Digital to formulate a plan to retarget these customers. Through these efforts we were able to achieve upwards of a 8X return on ad spend and increased retargeting spend by over 487% in the span of one month. Using our proprietary strategy we found the winning creative and developed a retargeting strategy that would display the top product to each customers.

The team used multiple tools and features to assist Waterboy in optimizing their overall campaign performance. Waterboy then wanted to scale their cold traffic website conversions using Facebook & Instagram ads. Using a tailored placement structure we helped prioritize the placements that resulted in the lowest cost per conversion across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

The Result

A better solution

We were able to focus on Instagram placements with custom-fit creatives since younger audiences were making purchases. This resulted in a 215% decrease in cost per purchase, and 817% increase in monthly ad spend.

   ⦿   145% increase in ROAS across all campaigns
   ⦿   350% lift in returning customer rate
   ⦿   678% increase in total impression

Services Used

Photo Ads

Grabbing Attention With Scroll Stopping Photo Ads

Automatic Placements

Finding Customers On Each Platoform

Pixel/Data Collection

Accurately Attributing Data Using The Pixel & CAPI

Advanced Match Tracking

Attaining All Key Customer Data Points

Video Ads

Telling An Engaging Story With Video

“In 2021, we wanted to really scale Waterboy. We had a goal to become the largest in the space and are on our way to achieve it. we have sold out so many times and are just trying to keep up with the number of orders coming in! The team has been super responsive of getting us reports and making all the necessary changes in the ad account.”

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